A team that love professionalism

OOO Vostok logistika is also equipped with the most experienced and professional workers among their counterpart in Russia federation, we work together with transneft to soften delivery of product from all area in Russia federation to a close terminal within Russia for easy loading, The company also work in collaboration with all legal tank farm and terminal operating companies in Russia federation. Vostok Logistika is a well trusted company in oil and gas transportation, storage and inspection, we also have our license to drill and refine crude oil and its derivatives, we work so hard to secure Russia’s natural resources most especially oil and gas products, making it easy for international buyers of Russian natural resources to access and do business with Russia federation.

We controlled and owned more than 14 major tanks farms in the major terminals in and across Russia federation, we also are contractor to transneft and also maintain all transneft oil and gas terminals along side our terminals as well as terminal of some major oil companies in Russia federation, one of our tank farm has the capacity to store per month 10 million barrels of Jet fuel metric etc. Our pipelines are never too busy likewise our oil terminals for loading, they are never too busy for loading and transportation of oil and gas product. We also regulate laws of oil and gas export and transportation together with the ministry of energy Russia federation. 


We Keep it simple!

Historically, the company is made up of professionalism, quality and individual approach, and with a result of non-stop operation of seafarers. confirmation of this positive feedback Rostovskoj association captains: experience and streamlined communications to shore structures involving contact with the vessel, to a large extent, to help optimally resolve any difficulties and problems.Our company understands the importance of maintaining high standards of corporate governance, not only from the perspective of investors but also as a means to improve the company’s performance, enhance its reputation and decrease its cost of raising capital.With effective rules and a systematized process to corporate governance in place, applied by the company in the course of its day to day activities, successful corporate development is promoted. This includes increased corporate profits and capitalization; improved observance of shareholders’ rights and a positive image amongst investors and other stakeholders.
Vostok Logistika, relies on the capability and entrepreneurial spirit of its people and as a corporate citizen of many countries we seek to maximize the hiring and training of qualified local people. Our success depends on the capabilities and commitment of our employees. Therefore, we invest heavily in personnel development and offer other personnel-training elements that meet the individual needs of our employees, as well as, the requirements of our subsidiaries. If you join our company, you will have career opportunities around.